What's happening?

There have been some discussions about a massive reshuffling on 2021, companies moving back to the office (because of people thinking like this), companies staying remote (hello Atlassian, Coinbase, Shopify), hybrid companies (hello Apple), layoffs (hello Patreon), exodus (hello Basecamp), strikes (hello Washingtonpost), and more.

Why will it happen?

Talented people in tech receive job offers every day, and companies will have to think about their culture and policies like never before if they want to retain the talent.

This is no joke, everyone I know is receiving tons of offers without looking for it.

That combined with the fact that while the pandemic was happening, people in tech discovered they really could work from anywhere, maybe from the city, maybe from a small town, from a co-working space, or the beach.

Translation: "A wave of companies is coming that failed to create a remote culture and will return to offices. With various and credible excuses. A wave of talent is coming that will resign from these companies to continue working remotely."

People don't want to stay in the wrong culture anymore.

Translation: Friends now that I am 30 I want to give you some advice: please never ever let any job steal the peace of your heart. Neither is worth it. Neither the noblest project nor the most sacred institution.
Can you talk about why everyone is quitting?
We’ve gotten this question three times in the past week
More insights about why this is happening right now.

What can you do about it?

In a nutshell:

  • Improve your company, learn, adapt. Don't wait until it's too late.
  • Go remote first.
  • Define and live your values and policies, and hope those are interesting enough for the talented people.

A great post about what you should do about it and more about what's happening. This is the post that inspired me to write my thoughts.

The Great Talent Reshuffling of 2021 Has Begun
Our YOLO Economy New York Times’ Kevin Roose labeled the new attitude sweeping workers in certain privileged parts of the economy. I’ve seen this in my own circles as well. Whether it’s moving to a…
"Employees are going to vote with their feet and I feel for People Ops teams who are going to be having a tremendous number of emotional conversations."

Jokes time

Translation: * 2012 * - Those from Telcel already have me fed up with their spam / * 2021 * - Those from Baires Dev already have me fed up with their spam