Cool Videos 2023
Cool Videos 2023

Cool Videos 2023

Computer Science
February 12, 2023
Here I’ll add the coolest / most inspiring / mind-blowing videos I found during the year. It could be about anything, so don’t expect this list to be about any specific topic.

Creating an Arabic Programming Language

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Being a non-native English speaker and learning to code was more challenging. You might not think about it at the beginning, but it’s mind-blowing when you think about it. Reading stack traces and documentation makes sense if it is written in your mother tongue.
  • How many people are having a more challenging time getting into tech because of the language they speak?
  • Can artificial intelligence close the gap between languages?

Reaching 2000 Elo in chess in two years

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I like to play chess, and reaching such a level is a lot of work.
This video is inspiring to me in many ways. A refresher of knowing if you put a lot of work into something you can basically achieve anything.
Perhaps I could use it as an inspiration to get to 2000 myself? My highest ranking in the same category she shows (rapid) is 1839 but these days I’m anywhere between 1600 to 1700.
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